Dakshineswar Kali

Dakshineswar Temple was founded onthe 31st of May,1855;18 Jaistha 1262 b.s. The holy tithi was of Jagannath DevaSnanyatra. The Dakshineswar temple was founded on this auspicious day afterfacing many conflicts. The Rani Ma called by her people out of adoration,respect and love, installed Sri Jagadishwari Ma, the mother of the universeunder the priesthood of Sri Rama Kumar Chattopadhaya .From young Gadadhar'scoming to Dakshineshwar along with elder brother Rama Kumar to histransformation into the Avatar of the age, has become a legend now.

Temples of Shiva

A series of 12 identical Shivatemples are established within the premises of the Devalaya. Opposite to theKuthi Bari these temples are close to the banks of the River Ganga. Theinterior of the temples is done in white and black stone and each of thetemples houses Shiva lingas done in black stone. The temples face the east andare constructed in the typical ‘Aat Chala’ Bengal architecture. The series oftemples are divided by the Chadni (River bank), keeping the six Shiva templesto the left and the other six to the right. Prayers are offered here every dayand it was here Sri Ramkrishna is said to have meditated here to reachenlightenment.

Vishnu Temple

To the north east of the TempleComplex is the Vishnu Temple or the Radha Kanta’s Temple. A flight of stepslead to the columned verandah and into the temple where a silver throne restswith a 21 and half inches idol of Lord Krishna and 16 inches idol of Radha.Daily puja is performed here and it is said that Sri Ramakrishna himselfoffered puja here. In a room next to it has the original idol of Lord Krishna whichwas replaced when repeatedly the leg of the idol broke. Though it was repairedsince the time of Sri Ram Krishna it has ultimately to be replaced by thepresent idol in 1930 by the Debottar Estate.

Kali Mata Mandir