Kateel Durga

Kateel or Kateelu mata mandir townin the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, India. It is about 26 kilometersaway from Mangalore and is considered one of the holiest temple towns inHinduism. The main attraction of the town is the temple of Sri DurgaParameshwari. The holy temple is situated on an islet in the middle of the sacredriver Nandini amidst panoramic scenes and fascinating greenery. Thousands ofdevotees visit Kateel every day to seek blessings from goddess DurgaParameshwari

History of Durga Parameshwari

When Goddess slew Shumbha and Nishumbha, Arunasura, oneof the ministers, had fled from the battlefield and saved his life. Later hebecame the leader of the Rakshasas (demons). He began to disturb the sages anddestruct their Yajnahs. As a result, the Devas stopped raining, which resultedin total draught and scarcity of water and food grains on the earth. Moved bythe pathetic conditions of the people Maharshi Jabali, the great sage decidedto perform a Yajnah to appease the Devas. He approached Devendra and requestedhim to send Kamadhenu (a sacred cow) with him for the ritual. Since Kamadhenuhad been to Varuna Loka, Devendra permitted the sage to take Nandini, thedaughter of Kamadhenu in order to assist him as Homadhenu (symbolic cow forritual) in his proposed Yajna. Jabali went to Nandini and put forth hisrequest. In reply Nandini abused the earth and the people there and refused toaccompany him. When the sage found that Nandini was firm in her refusal, hecursed her to flow as a river on the earth. As Nandini prayed Jabali for mercy,kindhearted sage advised her to pray Adhishakti to get freed from the curse.Accordingly she prayed Adhishakti. Pleased by her deep meditation Goddessappeared before Nandini and told her that she has to flow as a river as aresult of the curse, because nobody can trespass the sentences (Rishi Vakya) ofa holy sage. But she added "I shall take birth as your daughter in duecourse and purify you from this curse". Satisfied by this assuranceNandini emerged as a river from Kanakagiri on the day of Magha Shuddha Poornimaand made the earth green once again. Meanwhile Arunasura acquired a boon fromBrahma, which made him free from fear of death by Trinity, Devas, men or womenor by any two legged or four legged animals & creatures. Goddess Saraswathialso blessed him with Gayathri Mantra (Holy chants). All these made him themost powerful. He defeated the Devatas and conquered Heaven. Disheartened bydisastrous defeat, the Devatas, along with Trinity pleaded Adhishakti for therescue. Goddess said that unless and until Arunasura is prevented from recitingGayathri Mantra she too would not be able to destroy him. She suggested them tosend Brihaspathi (Guru of Devatas) to distract Arunasura from his meditation ofGayathri, and make him get rid of Gayathri recitation so that she would be ableto kill him. Brihaspathi approached Arunasura, flattered him, poisoned his earsand succeeded in diverting him from his meditation. Now Arunasura vainly feltthat he was more than God himself. He not only ordered his subjects to worshiphim but also troubled the sages and spoiled their Yajnas. As promised to theDevas, Goddess took the shape of Mohini, a charming woman and began to wanderin the garden of Arunasura. Chanda & Prachanda, ministers of Arunasura sawher and informed the master about her beauty. Arunasura decided to marry herand approached her. When she turned deaf ears to his request & teased himfor fleeing from the war field, in afraid of the lady who killed his mastersShumbha & Nishumbha, he became furious. When he tried to take her by storm,she disappeared inside rock. Arunasura broke the rock with his sword. Suddenly,a vast swarm of bees emerged from the rock and stung him. Devi had taken theform of a big, furious bee that is 'Bhramara' and stung him repeatedly till hislast breath. Now the Devas and the sages led by Jabali performed"Abhishekham" (holy bath) to Devi with tender coconut brought fromthe Kalpavriksha of Devaloka, and prayed her to bless the world with 'SoumyaRoopa' (tender posture). According to this request Devi emerged in the form of'Linga' (symbolic holy rock) in the middle of the river Nandini and is known asShree Durga Parameshwari. KATI means waist and ILA means earth. So Kateelstands for that area of the earth, which is the Kati, or the center of theriver Nandini. The Nandini is purified by the birth of Adhishakti in her"Kati" and Durga Parameshwari is here for the good of the universeand blesses those who come to her.