Shakti Peeth Shakumbhri, meaning theabode of Shakti Goddess Shakambhari, is situated in the Jasmour village area,at a distance of 40 km to the north of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh state ofNorthern India. It has two important temples of Hindu deities: one of theGoddess (Devi) Shakumbhri herself and another one,Bhura-Dev temple, located one kilometer away from it to the east, of the deity Bhairav , considered to be her personal guard. Mata Shakumbhri Devi's most famous shrinesituated in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

In the Durga Saptshati you can find reference aboutthe shakti mata Shakumbhari here Mata Bhagawati said : when long arid happens (dryclimate of years) over the globe and no food & water remain for the livingbeing that time the Mother of Universe become Mata Shakumbhari source of life for all the Human and livingbeing on the earth, she grown vegetables and herbs on herself and saves life onthis Earth and again become mother of all being.

The temple is on the site of the ruins of a more ancient temple and wasconstructed by the Pundhir Rajputs under Rana Bahadur Singh Pundhir who was thegreat grandfather of the Pundhir chief Rana Pitambar Singh Pundir of Jasmourand Shri Ram Singh Pundhir great grandfather of Sri Uday Pundhir Though it isnot an ancient temple, its devotees consider it to be a powerful Shakti Peethaof Mata Jagdambe Shakti, the divine feminine.